Monday, 21 April 2014

April Events

Cosmonauts - !

It's been a quiet few weeks at Psychedelic HQ as we've been painstakingly scraping the algae off the back of a giant sea creature that emerged quite suddenly in our dining room the other week. We're not sure whether he's from the far future or the dim and distant past but he has a taste for port and has a laugh uncannily similar to that of Sandi Toksvig. Beside this occurrence we've been steeling ourselves for two future con appearances in early may the first at Lawgiver Con on May 5th and the second at Bristol Con the weekend following. Hopefully the seabeast will have departed before then....

'Lockjaw's Coming' graces the back page of Issue 3 (now available here) and is written by co-editor Geoffery Crescent who, when not fetching port for the seabeast, writes a lot of poetry and writes on-going fantasy novel Holem Vav. The art is provided by international comics whirlwind Gibson Quarter who regular draws up stuff for Ryan Sohmer's The Gutters and has graced books from Alan Grant's Wasted to legendary small press publications like Futurequake. Also if you look closely in Lockjaw's Coming there is a tiny reference to 7th Wave Comics' Undertow in which Quarter draws 'The Organ Grinder' :D

Yes - despite a swift banning by our respected law enforcers - we will be selling copies of the Journal alongside premier 2000ad fanzine Zarjaz. It promises to be quite an exciting event with appearances from top Dredd scribes & artists (including co-creator John Wagner!) as well as the cast & crew of fantastic fan film Judge Minty and actual judges in ACTUAL UNIFORMS DEALING OUT ACTUAL JUSTICE.

'Turn Back the Clock' also features in Issue 3 (still now available here) with a star-studded script from newcomer Mark Keenan - celebrity survival shows were never this deadly! Illustrated by small press journeyman Nathan Webb who has also recently drawn a Dredd tale for Zarjaz.

Our final teaser comes from 'Timeholes & Teaspoons' written by Comicsy mastermind and script DERVISH Tim West (who also wrote Issue 1's 'Not Everyone Deserves a Second Chance') and drawn by long-time Journalfriend and Bristolian artman Andrew Scaife - whose first witty 'n weird sci-fi solo comic New York Park is very much worth a look!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Issue 3 Arrives!


It has been a busy while since our last blog and things here at Psychedelic HQ have been decidedly hectic. For one, some manner of futuristic dog has laid digital eggs in our foyer and we're not sure what to do about it. We've decided to just cordon the area off and not think about too hard about it.

Photo: Spotted in the wild - a single copy of Issue 2 sitting lonely in Orbital Comics London - ! It's a quid cheaper than we sell it online and conventions, which London cat will snap it up?

What you see here is one of the last copies of Issue 2 available sitting in Orbital Comics in London - not sure if it's still there since this photo was taken last month but visitors to this time period may find this an opportune moment to go and seek it out!

The biggest news since the last blog has to be the LAUNCH OF ISSUE 3 - with a beautiful cover by illustrator Carl Pearce it is crammed full of the uncanny and extraordinary. We'll be doing a few conventions this year, keep an eye on our FB page or Twitter for the first announcement VERY SOON but if can't wait or can't attend any the physical issue can be bought online over on Comicsy here: 

We've already got our first review from the wonderful Steve Hargett over on his review blog - which gives you a full run-down of exactly what's in there and who's done what! If any reviewers fancy a PDF to peruse give us a shout via the magic of e-mail.

Here's the first of three new(ish) teasers for the third issue - "Event Horizon" is a dark psychological tale written by Bristolian and Journal newcomer Mike Scrase who has been regularly putting out his Adventures of Zip webcomic (also ask him about curious Pokemon-Marvel mashup "Thorlax") and illustrated by the brilliant Matt Herbert (Journal #1 - "Thinking Outside the Box" written by Rich McAuliffe) who has been blowing the socks of Zarjaz readers for the past few years with his fantastic takes on 2000ad regulars. His Shakara from Issue 17 is EXTRAORDINARY.

"The Film Theory" is written by Argentinian script machine Blas Bigatti (Journal#1 - "Karma Traveller" illustrated by Andrew Scaife) who also has a story coming up the next issue and illustrated by the mysterious Mark Herstal who is new to the Journal....

Finally "The Terminal Solution of Alan Smith" by writer and musician J.S. Adams (Journal #2 "The Clockwork Queen" illustrated by Dave Thomson) and brilliantly drawn by Journal newcomer Jim Lavery who seems to be more comics than man and caught our eye doing a succession of very good Futurequake stories.

Looking much further ahead to next year's issue 5 we seemed to have started a creative fire between Chris Redfern (writer on Issue 3's "Primitive Possibilities" illustrated by JT Pegg) and Trystan Mitchell (previously seen in the second Dr WTF) - above is an early concept image. Keep an eye on their respective twitter feeds for more soon I expect. 2015 is looking brighter by the day!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014



Welcome to the future. Here at Psychedelic HQ we celebrated the new year with a quick jaunt back to 1014 and let me say... it was quite depressing. Sweyn Forkbeard the Danish king of England was dying and nobody was really in the mood to party. Oh well! Here's a round-up of the latest Journal news...

Photo: "Call Time" by Jim Woodall & Bob Molesworth

Here is the latest teaser from our next issue... "Call Time" written by the brilliant Jim Woodall who, when not submitting brilliantly witty scripts to the Journal  (our one Hitler story "Why Hasn't Anyone Killed Hitler?" PJOTT #1 drawn by Andrew Scaife) self-publishes some great genre short stories. Call Time is drawn by Journal newcomer and Brightonian magic-handed art wizard Bob Molesworth who has drawn Star Wars for Titan, Ninja Turtles for Panini and most recently the brilliantly vibrant Endangered Weapon B from Markosia (written by David Tallerman).

A new anthology has submerged seemingly since our last blog entry that is worth shouting about: 100% Biodegradable is a digital-only sci fi thing that is bi-monthly. They're looking for submissions - particularly artists, so click on the link back there and hurl them things. NOT BRICKS THOUGH. The first issue features Journal contributor Dave Thomson (PJOTT #1 - "The Clockwork Queen" written by J.S. Adams and another glorious story coming in PJOTT#3) - look at his cover. JUST LOOK AT IT.

You will have already seen this Issue 3 "Primitive Possibilities" teaser but I'm hauling back out for a stunning new point-of-interest - artist JT Pegg is now a bonafide 2000ad droid having created a Future Shock with writer Eddie Robson that appeared in Prog 1862 :D Blimey - ! 


Unfortunately with our vast collection of time-moving devices here at Psychedelic HQ we were still unable to book any spring conventions in time so for the near-completed Issue 3 there is going to be a rather special variation from our con-centric routine - A LAUNCH NIGHT IN BRISTOL ON MARCH 15th. So ... put that date in your diaries and keep an eye out for venue confirmation over on our Facebook page! :O Crikey it really is the future...

Talking of - what's more futuristic than DIGITAL COMICS?! 3D printing you say? Yes that's fairly futuristic. Anyway *ahem* ignoring that - ISSUE 2 is now available digitally for your mobile devices and Google glasses and tablets and projector hats. You can buy it on Comicsy for only £2 here

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Thought Bubble!


What an astoundingly busy end of year it has been at Psychedelic HQ - we've been preparing the third issue and organising next year's goings-on and also all of this:

If you look closely you'll see the Journal was featured in a local Kendal newspaper around the Lakes con - which is a bit smashing :O It really was a remarkable weekend!

Also here the is the second teaser for the third issue story "The Boy Who Invented Anti-Time" by the amazing Greg Meldrum & David Broughton who have recently finished their first full self-published graphic novel - "Martillo" which I can't recommend higher check it out here!

Here I (Co-Editor O) am thoroughly enjoying myself at Thought Bubble. Always the highlight of the convention calendar, and this year was no exception. 2013 marked a huge spike in popularity for the Leeds con, and it sold out absurdly fast. They had a new third hall and a new cafe thing that served broth and EVERYTHING. It was also crammed with familiar faces and noble folk - ! The only regret of this year is your good Psychedelic team were impoverished and couldn't buy everything we saw. Our money all got sucked into ... a time wormhole or... something. Here follows some very necessary name-droppery - if you don't recognise someone click on the link and investigate. Everyone is worth a gander!


The hall the Journal was situated in was (factually) stuffed with awesome folk and (subjectively) the most awesome hall in the history of all halls (no offence other halls). Alongside the Galaxy's Greatest Comic 2000ad (also fact) there was new digithology Aces Weekly curated by comics king David Lloyd. Accent UK, Improper Books, Markosia & Time Bomb were flogging their luvverly books full of glorious people and grand stories. The Bristol invasion of New Dock consisted of Andrew Scaife, Graham JohnsonJames StayteMark Pearce, Nick Soucek, Simon Moreton & Water Closet Press who were all flogging utterly gorgeous things. Our lovely friends at Disconnected Press were also there, with seemingly endless energy and infinite new projects on the go - and we were fortunate enough to be sat very close to absurdly glorious Alex Ronald of Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht. Also if you looked closely into the wily center of a whirling dirvish that was dashing about the hall you'd see the effervescent and uber-talented  Owen Michael Johnson who was shifting between the Titan table and his own colourful marvel, Raygun RoadsAs always convention gods Nich Angell & Jon Lock were the solid rocks of comics floggery and Mr Lock and the fabulous Lucy Brown provided our psychedelic cavalcade a ride North for which we will always be endlessly grateful.


The original "other" hall is a dark and dangerous place. There are guest tables there that do not sleep. This year however it was brightened significantly by the presence of the ever-lovin' Bolt-01 of Futurequake Press fame. The Zarjaz stable had a new comic this year in the form of DROKK! Also present were Psychedelic contributors and awesome creators Bob MolesworthDan Bell  & Seb Antoniou. Dominating about seven billion tables this year were the fantacular Cinebooks whose imported and translated European books are the highlight of every convention. Seriously beautiful things. Bristol was also represented in this hall by the brilliant Paula Knight & Simon Gurr.


The not-so-shiny and slightly chilly new hall Allied London was about eighty times bigger than expected and was cavernous and went back miles like some manner of mad cave. There was warmth in there though - principally from the presence of the ever-smiling Razarhawk team and Chris Mole of Professor Elemental Comics


Aside from tablefolk mentioned before we managed to spot a good amount of journal contributors in the comic-lovin' throng. Neil Williams of Carcass & Slime fame will be in Issue 4, and he popped by and said hello. The amazing Bruno Stahl (pictured below with his Issue 2 story "Stand and Relive Her" written by Greg Meldrum) was there with a spectacular set of pages for the 2000ad competition which you literally must see

We saw Nathan Webb who is also contributing to Issue 4 and had some lovely pages in Zarjaz. Tim West (of Comicsy fame - wrote "Not Everyone Deserves a Second Chance" in Issue 1 and will feature in Issue 3) was there, as cider-smudged memory serves, on Friday evening. The fantastic Roland Bird (coming to Issue 3) came along for a long friendly natter - his work is astounding! Steven Denton colourist extraordinare and artist on "Were, Are, Shall Be" (written by Adam Page) in Issue 1 was mooching around and throwing stones at crows. The perpetual motion engine of small press comics Mr Neil McClements was there and I coated his beautiful portfolio in drool and sweat which at the time seemed like a cast iron way of stealing his powers... Ben Wilsonham (amazing cover art Issue 2) and Brendan Purchase ("Grandfather Paradox" in Issue 2 written by the aforementioned Daniel Bell) were a constant friendly presence - we met them both last Thought Bubble flogging the long-dead Dr WTF - that people still seemed to ask about! The glorious Dunk Nimmo ("Transition Lenses" on the rear of Issue 2 by co-editor Geoffery Crescent) lurked in every shadowy con-corner - with a magic whistle that summoned horses.  


"It were very good but where were Richmond?"


It's the Journal's first winter and things are getting weird at Psychedelic HQ. We didn't put up a Christmas tree but there's one here and it's been eating the wallpaper. We'll blog again at the start of 2014 which promises to be JOURNALTACULAR - many cons are afoot and we will launch #3 & #4 over the course of the year. Look out for teasers on our Facebook page over the next few weeks and if you want gift ideas there are still LOADS OF HARD COPIES of Issue 2 that you can still buy on Comicsy as well as a digital version of #1! Huzzah!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Post Lakes & The Journal in Orbital


Above you see co-editor Geoffery Crescent and a TINY 2D WOMAN TRAPPED IN A BANNER manning the table at Lakes International Comic Art Festival in Kendal. It was a wonderfully organised and passionate new convention and the punters were in their element. Sales were very slow but everyone was friendly and we met lots of luvverly folks. Special whale of Lakes appreciation to the following people SOME OF WHOM will also be at Thought Bubble at the end of November so take heed:

Nich Angell, Jon Lock, Ali White & Lucy Brown
Lock & Angell Pictured here looking blurry and grinny at Melksham earlier this year (where they launched a crossover book known as The Heavenly Chord) - these four folk are responsible for housing and transporting Geoffery and I over the weekend and we're eternally grateful to them for that! More importantly they also pump out fiercely amazing comics - Nich with 7String, Nich and Ali with Cat & Meringue and Jon Lock's Afterlife Inc. The small press scene would be a horrifically barren place without them and their blurry grinning.

Disconnected Press
Liz & Conor Boyle of Disconnected Press were debuting the superb-looking Disconnected Vol 3 at Lakes and the cover alone by artgod Kev Levell would have been incentive enough - but just opening the cover you are bombared by the singularly amazing art of Verity Glass and I had to buy it and run off and lock it in our time egg for safe keeping.

We were fortunate to be sat next to Mal Earl - whose glorious art filled our eyes and who put up with our increasingly strained banter as the weekend rolled on. He was selling Bound as seen above as well as copies of his pulp fiction project Bulletproof Nylon. The man is a bonafide genius and I hope we see him at more cons in the future - !

Sitting the other side of us was the phenomenal Ivan Petrus - selling his debut graphic novel The Nieuport Gathering - a stunningly visualised tale of Belgium in the first world war. He was doing the most beautiful watercolour sketches in the front of each copy and it was positively mesmerising to watch. I snapped one up as well ... with a tank in it. You know a time travel story with one of those first world war tanks'd be bloody bloody lovely...

Bristol-based writer, photographer, painter and chap-of-glory Ben Dickson was there with copies of Fight the Power - a graphic novel about the history of protest by Ben and Sean Michael Wilson - featuring art from the legendary Hunt Emerson, John Spelling and Adam Pasion. It looks amazingly good so I snapped it up - !

A continued convention presence this year is that warm mug of David Lloyd who edits Aces Weekly - a weekly digital comics anthology with a refreshingly open mind. Within are some true small press kings as well as some interesting international talent. It's a damned good read and your editor is a proud subscriber.


Cinebook Homepage

Again - you can't beat a lovely European graphic album - and the Cinebooks table was lined with all manner of beautiful products. Seriously, if one could eat comics legally in this country I'd have a feast - but alas, when will the laws change?!

Another happy convention face is that of Garen Ewing - creator of the captivating Rainbow Orchid. Despite the lack of time travel (when will they learn?!) it's a thrilling volume and well worth your coins. 

The big daddy of the Comics Clocktower was Owen Michael Johnson and his new book - the gnarly neon Raygun Roads looks to be the biggest psychedelic blast in the small press - definitely put this one on your want list!

Next convention up is Thought Bubble at the end of this month - keep an eye out of us and Journalfriends there!

"If only I could go back in time to read it again for the first time…"

Is a lovely quote from a recent review of Issue 1 by the brilliant Ari Carr which you can read here unfortunately as of Lakes weekend we've sold out of physical copies of Issue 1 but you can still buy digital version on Comicsy here! If you fancy reviewing either issue drop us a line at the usual address and we'll wing you a PDF!

In terms of getting a physical copy of Issue 2 our Comicsy store has them, we'll be at Thought Bubble or you can always pop into Orbital Comics in London where we amazingly have a few deposited:O 

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for some teasers for 2014's Issue 3...

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Cosmonauts - !

To start us off here are some lovely sketches from Neil McClements - whose psychedelic stylings on Chris Mole's "The Royal Chronometrical Society" were one of the many highlights of Issue 2. Mr McClements is one of the most visionary artists in the small press and it's a rare pleasure to see his workings. Cor blimey.

Before we press on here's a further chunk of recent eye-poppery which comes from Bruno Stahl another of the small press artgods who we were lucky enough to squeeze into Issue 2. "Stand and Relive Her" by the gloriously mad Greg Meldrum always gets the hearts of convention-goers palpatatin' and we've sold a fair few issues off the back of this strip alone. No wonder! Bear further witness over on Bruno's Deviantart page...

Since the release of Issue 2 we've had some lovely reviews/mentions on a few websites so here's a small round-up - if anyone reading this runs a review blog and wants a free PDF give us a shout on the usual address and we'll furnish you with one! 

Writing titan Mike Lynch gave us a shout on his blog here as well as the aforementioned Meldrum here. In terms of reviews our Issue 1 got a mention on Pipedream Comics' weekly digest here where Alex Thomas says our quickfire anthology style "feels really unique". Next Issue 2 got a thorough and enthusiastic review from Steve Hargett aka Judge-Tutor Semple on his blog here - he'll have a table at Thought Bubble this year for his writing and reviewing which I encourage you to pop past and say hello if you're there as he really is a very lovely fellow. Finally our most constructive and in-depth review came from legendary coverfiend Pete Wells and was displayed on Everything Comes Back to 2000ad here. It means a lot when anyone puts so much of their time into reading your anthology and finds stuff to enjoy in there - especially someone who loves 2000ad as much as Mr Wells does. Also he compares me to a sexy librarian, so there's that!

Here are your editors looking suitably deranged at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair which took place just this last weekend in our neck of the woods. It was a non-corporate DIY sort of affair and as such was brimming with artists and genuinely-interested sort of folk which was hugely refreshing. Also no cosplay - which will be a damning indictment for some or a huge blessing for others. Either way it was a very positive few hours and I can't doff my hat to the organisers further. Because then my hat would be on the floor. Overdoffed. As per usual here are some nice folk that we saw and spoke to who you should go and look at and say lovely things about. All photographs are not mine but were taken by Ruth Garner.

First and foremost was our tablemate Mr Andrew Scaife - illustrator of "Karma Traveller" in Journal #1 and "Why Haven't They Killed Hitler?" in Journal #2 - he was selling numerous prints as well as his one-shot comic New York Park you can investigate his work more thoroughly on his Tumblr here

Next we see an action shot Mr Jordan Collver of Water Closet Press who was selling the glorious Ladies & Gentlemen comic which he co-creates with Mr Richard Worth (not present) - Jordan is a damned fine artist and will be coming to a Journal near you VERY SOON. I should also mention the obscured fellow sitting next to him is David Ziggy Greene who is fucking amazing. Other Bristolian legends present included that endlessly admirable patron of Bristolarts Big Jeff and the amazing Paula Knight. The highest praise has to go to Nick Soucek, Simon Moreton, Esme Betamax and all volunteers and enthusiastibubbles that made it such a solid and well-attended zine fair. 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Cosmonauts - !

We had an incredibly fun time at Melksham last weekend. Above is co-editor Geoffery selling like a birthdaydemon as it was CRESCENTDAY and also the launch of Issue 2. It did rather well although Geoffery and I's slug project from 2011 for some reason also sold like a warmed-through cake. It was probably the most enthusiastic con I've ever been to - the organisers are passionate Melksham businessfolk with a lust for comics and the whole thing was better put together than half of the bigger ones with a team of helpers or "Brians" as they were known (the collective is a 'Blessed' we surmised). I predict great things for that particular Wiltshire town. No offence Malmesbury. Also here's Darth Vader (also apparantly a Brian) endorsing Issue 2 with his hands.

No small press publisher is an island - and our particular psychedelic time travel archipalego is thankfully surrounded. Much love must go to the solo-flying Dani Abram of Razarhawk with whose help we got there in the car of ace puppet/prop maker Kerry Dyer. The heroes of the con were undoubtedly Nich Angell & Jon Lock whose first creative crossover landed with unparalleled noise and they were swamped by admirin' folk the whole day. For self publishin' independent creators to make such a buzz is a truly beautiful thing and a sign of what a remarkable age the small press is currently in. We were fortunate enough to be sat next to Aaron Murphy and Joseph J Morgan - con veterans and sequential kings who put up with my increasingly strained banter as the day went on. Also it's always lovely to see the ultimate Stuart Gould in person as he's a one-man printing tornado. Follow the bloodied trotterprints from the meaty cafeteria and you'd end up staring at some Sentient Zombie Space Pigs a genius bit of Kickstarting from Disconnected Press that debuted for a cool pound a copy to great oinking. I mean acclaim. I mean oinking. Here's to our next convention which is the Bear Pit Zine Fair in Bristol October 5th!

Oh also - Issue 2 is now on sale on Comicsy so if you want to BUY A COPY RIGHT THIS SECOND and have me send it directly to your house then all you need do is click the link and send some shillings.

What you see above you is the FIRST teaser for Issue 3 - which isn't due for nigh on half a year yet - we've got some damned keen contributors! The brief-and-brilliant story is "Primitive Possibilities" and is written by Chris Redfern of the upcoming Colt-45 comic - the art is from the legendary James Pegg - whose phenomenal artwork has long been storming the 2000ad forum art competition and will likely soon be gracing a prog near you...